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Moving toward resilience and a lower carbon footprint through appropriate technology



It's re-imagining our lives to be more resilient, more abundant and more luxurious, while also being gentler on the Earth. Sound impossible? It's not! My little family of four utilizes appropriate technology to lower our homestead's carbon footprint, and it makes us happier, healthier and better connected to our community. Check out what we're doing to learn how.

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Cheap Portable Rocket Stove

I’ve gotten a lot of use out of my cinder block rocket stove. It made dinner, but it also heated the scalding water for all the poultry I...

Ode to My Broadfork

Just look at it. Isn’t it glorious? This baby will lift the impossible concretions of Carolina red clay, even if it’s pretty dry. It’ll...

What It's Like to be Hungry

Humans are such mammals, with our voracious internal furnaces. We’re so tropical, moving around even when there’s ten feet of snow. We...

Homemade Wine

On one of my first dates with my soulmate the Data Fiend, he suggested we get some wine. When I replied, “Can it be beer instead?” we...

Baling Hay by Hand

Mornings are frosted. Nights are frigid. Snow has not yet flown here in our corner of the Southeast, but even the hardiest cool-season...

How to Ditch Disposable Paper

Shortages are back. In some places, toilet paper and paper towels are again on the list of the disappeared. Using less is good even if...

Cinder Block Rocket Stove

Hello readers. That was quite the little blogging break I took there. Like, about four months. Partly the reason has been health issues...

Ten Ways I Use My Solar Oven

Several years ago when I moved into my little house heated only by a wood stove, I knew I needed a summer baking option, pronto. Enter...


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