Moving toward resilience and a lower carbon footprint through appropriate technology



It's re-imagining our lives to be more resilient, more abundant and more luxurious, while also being gentler on the Earth. Sound impossible? It's not! My little family of four utilizes appropriate technology to lower our homestead's carbon footprint, and it makes us happier, healthier and better connected to our community. Check out what we're doing to learn how.

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Retire early... to save the planet?

If it’s not this, it must be the opposite. How often do you witness this sort of thinking? When I pay attention I find it’s everywhere,...

What to Eat When the Planet is Dying

Most of us are aware the Earth is in trouble, and not just from a warming climate. Our biological community is experiencing changing...

What Survives a Drought?

The entire east coast of the U.S. is suffering drought conditions this year, and my North Carolina garden had it bad. This growing season...

Solar Shower Blues

It’s only the first of October and I already miss my garden shower. If you don’t have a garden shower because you live in the frigid...



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